I started this blog seven years ago and a lot of traffic comes from DOTA Hotkeys. It was an amazing journey to improve the SEO, page load time, and server configuration of this blog. As a web developer, it’s very exciting and fulfilling to see a website grow and be self sustaining.

Since I became employed and got myself involved in different organizations, I wasn’t able to consistently share stories, thoughts, and ideas in this blog. This blog is a big blessing to me because of some earnings I receive from ads.

I just want to share how this website supernaturally blessed me and other people:

Majority of the earnings of this blog goes to my local church in Los Banos. Our church helps different families and young people. We support some students in their school and I teach music every Saturday. Most importantly, we help each other follow Jesus.

This blog supportedĀ  a lot of activities in the past few years for children, young people, and families.

It also supported some of my travels

and I was able to help my parents to join a conference in Thailand.

So isn’t it amazing how sharing can be a blessing? Who would have taught that a 202 kb (kilobytes) software tool that I shared seven years ago continuously make a difference in this world? All for the Glory of God!

Key Concerns of Filipino Young People

I’ve been involved in the youth ministry for almost 10 years already. Based on experience, here’s a list of key issues and concerns of the young people.

Young Teens (Age: 9-14)
– Obeying Parents
– Friends
– Crush / Puppy Love
– Games / Computer Games
– TV Shows / Media
– School Projects / Studies

Young People (Age: 14-21)
– Barkada / Influences
– Boy – Girl Relationship/s / MU
– Student Organizations / Clubs
– Course to Take in College
– Family Relationship
– Grades / Thesis / Graduation
– Self – Confidence
– Sports and Music
– Social Media Trendings

Young Adult (Age: 21+)
– Career / Job Opportunities / Abroad
– Business
– Growth Trainings / Concerts
– Courting / Marriage
– Finance and Time Management
– Ministry / Life Mission
– Workplace / Personality Developments / Adjustments
– Adventures / Travel
– Family Concerns and Priorities
– House / Car
– Studies / Masteral
– Investments / Future Planning and Goals