Choi Sung-Bong Korea’s Got Talent Champion?

Choi Sung - Bong

22 yrs old Korean named Choi Sung – Bong touched the heart of almost 1500000 viewers around the world. His story is truly remarkable and inspiring. He suffered child abuse at the very young age of 5 and been alone since then. He is living his life in the street and public toilets and never been educated. He is selling gum and bacus on the streets and suffered a brutal life. Korea’s Got Talent discovered the Champion.


  • Canete_riza

    he’s story really inspiring… i’m really touched, can’t help but cry…..

  • Lydiaquieta

    very inspiring….

  • Rolandoherico

    I just want to say somehting about the writers or commentor not tosay any sutpid words to the contestant. I think it’s enough to call him a poor boy. but to call him a slumdog….I can not accept it.pls. The first time i saw in korean’s got talent and heard his amazing voice,,,, i was shocked….I was inspired by his beautiful voice and that’s what we called talent. he lives by himself, he paracticed singing by himself because he wants to be something or popular. he can be one of the best tenor in korea someday if someone will support him. As i can see Choi Sung -Bong is a very nice person too. Give him a chance and support him. He didn’t win and it’s alright but i trust him. keep it Choi Sung -Bong………….I’m Rolando Herico from Philippines and i live here in Athens and i’m one of Choi Sung-Bong fans.

  • Rolandoherico

    sorry ,some words are lacking and wrong spelling because i didn’t check it before i posted it.

  • Renta

    I don’t know what to say…I pray for this man ( Choi Sung Bong ), I hope God will opened all the good apportunities for him to get a better life…I believe He will have that soon. I’m one of your fans from Batam – Indonesia. God Bless You