I’m hot baby!

Summer is the season right now here in the Philippines. The temperature is playing around 35-38°C  everyday. Summer time is also vacation time so young people like us often stay all day with our laptops playing games, watching movies, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and so-so. Our laptops generates heat as we use it. Our environmental temperature can cause also an increase of heat of our laptops. Overheating can be the cause why laptops often fails at an early age. To prevent our laptops from reaching the early death stage we must be careful on how we ventilate and cool our laptops as we use it.

I personally monitor my laptop’s temperature using this application:








CPUID Hardware Monitor

CPUID Hardware Monitor monitors your PC temperature as you use it. Eats only about 3.5 MB – 4.0 MB memory and with a very clean and basic interface. Has a Pro version that lets you remotely monitor your PC. But some hardware are not detected like my NVDIA 310M.


Rating: 4.0/5