One Plus One Equals Bintana


Exactly 16 hrs from now, I’ll be wearing my new pants, black shoes and long sleeves that we bought last Friday. I’ll put on my graduation gown, hood and cap. After all the busy days, weeks, months and years of my academic life, I finally made it. We finally made it. Academic life is not a single person journey. It’s not only you. The moment our parents enrolled us in nursery, kinder or toddler schools, hopes and dreams are in their hearts. Along the way as we learn how to add 1 + 1 = (bintana/window) and compute complex calculus problems (even I didn’t have any calculus subject during college), our parents are there pushing us as we climb the highest treasure in our lives. Graduation. Our parents are really really really proud of us (I love you Papa and Mama). Be proud and give your greatest smile in your life! Congrats! 🙂