Maximizing Productivity

These past few days, I was assigned to different projects that requires multiple tasks to be managed and accomplished. I was also involved in multiple organizations that are organizing events for November and December. I realized that it’s so hard to track down what you need to do, what you’ve done and what project you are currently working on.

Since college, I was a follower of this company who’s making an intuitive task management app. If I’m right, I’m one of the first few users who tried this app and enjoy the simplicity of this app. Since then, whenever I’m doing multiple projects and involve to multiple organizational events, I fire up this task management app to manage things up and keep my productivity rolling.

I simply open my web browser and simply visit this website:

Wunderlist for me is a quick solution to maximize productivity. You can organize projects as lists and simply add your tasks to those lists. You can also edit each task and add deadlines and notes.