Pioneer Micro Hi-­Fi System (X-CM51V) Review

It is a great privilege for me to try out and review this Pioneer Micro Hi-fi System.

Just a quick and formal description of the product:

 Pioneer Electronics introduces a new micro Hi-Fi system combining vibrant sound with stylish looks. Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad, the X-CM51V adds a touch of sophistication to any listening space.

The compact and convenient X-CM51V HiFi system connects to a variety of sources. It integrates a digital dock on top for iPod/iPhone, and offers support for iPad through USB. Video content can be routed to a connected display via the composite video output. Playback of MP3 or WMA files is supported from both the front USB input as well as from Hi-Fi quality CD-drive mechanism, which is compatible with CD and CD-R/RW discs. Users who prefer listening to the radio can take advantage of a built-­in AM/FM tuner, which offers up to 40 station presets.

Key to the X-CM51V’s performance is a set of 2-way bassreflex speakers, working to deliver well-balanced sound. Offering 15 Watts of output per channel driven by quality digital amplifiers the micro system packs an impressive amount of functionality into its compact case. Those looking to add some extra bass will appreciate the X-CM51V’s ‘P-Bass’ boost function and Sound Control (Bass/Treble). For easy genre-­matching music enjoyment, the hi-­fi system features 4 equalizer presets: Flat/Pop/Rock/Jazz

Setting up the product was easy. It was properly packaged and well protected creating a secure feeling and excitement while opening the box. All instructional manual is well included and comes also with a free triple A battery for the remote control.

You just need to connect the speakers to the main controller and connect the controller to a power source and you can now start using the product.

Since I got the white version of the product, I got excited because it adds to the overall aura and beauty of the product. Actually, the volume knob glows when the main controller is turned on. You can actually adjust the glow using the remote control.

Speaking of the remote control, almost all the functionalities and configurations are controlled here. So it is best to take care of it because I’m not sure if there is readily available replacement remote control.

The first functionality that I tested is the iPhone/iPod dock/iPad dock. Since I still use a 30-pin iPhone 4, it was a great match for this product. You just need to dock the iPhone and select the iPod mode in the controller and the controller will authenticate the device and after a few seconds you can already start playing music from the iPhone.

The iPhone was fully integrated with the main controller allowing me to use the remote control to control my iPhone’s music player. I can easily skip, forward, and browse to the different playlist of my Phone.

So if you do not have an iPhone/iPod/iPad, you can still enjoy this product. This product comes with an Audio In and USB option so you can play through this product.

Overall, what’s very unique about this product is that it’s very compact and very easy to install and understand. Even if it is so compact, it gives you high level of sound and bass resulting to a very nice feel and ambience to any small – medium size room. First time users would not have a hard time discovering the other features of this product. The old 30-pin dock is the only drawback against the latest lightning based devices but lightning based devices can always buy a lightning to 30 pin adapter for a very good price.