Wag Na by Iktus – Lyrics and Sound

IkTus is preparing something great for everyone! Watch out for the new EP album of IkTus! Coming soon! 🙂 BTW they are my schoolmates during my high school and college days. No harm supporting this God – given talented band! Check out their Facebook and Twitter page.


A five piece band from Los Baños Laguna, Iktus was created during their high school days as a christian rock band. They began to be more serious with their music after joining and winning some local battle of the bands. The band had their first break after winning the first Globe Kantabataan 2006 battle of the bands (a band and song writing competition for college bands nationwide) which was aired on national television. The Band was also one of the Grand finalist of Nescafe soundskool 2009. They continue to play their own music and they are also creating new songs and hoping to release a full length album.

Listen and enjoy the sound of Wag Na by IkTus here for Free:



nwawala na sa aking isipan
naglalaho na ng tuluyan
minamasdan namumuong pagitan

hahayaan ko na lng
at hnd na babaliakn

wag na nating pilitin
ibalik ang damdamin
dahil di ko rin naman
kakayanin pa
wag na nating subukan
atin ng kalimutan
dahil lalo lang naman

Hindi ko alam
paano magpaalam
Hindi ko rin naman
kaya pang masaktan

Hahayaan ko na lng
tatalikuran at hindi na

Repeat chorus

sumisigawa damdamin ko
naririnig mo ba ito

Pag-ibig (Yeng Constantino) Rock Cover by Segatron

Just want to share this awesome cover of Pag-ibig (Yeng Constantino) by Segatron. I’ve been following them since 2011 and identified them before under the Synthpop genre but actually according to their Facebook fan page it’s PARTYCORE. 🙂


You also need to check this viral video that made them famous in YouTube and Facebook.