It’s a great time to cherish life with Microsoft.

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I couldn’t imagine our life without Microsoft. As a family, Microsoft products have been essential for us. Since the revolutionary Windows 95 up to the innovative Windows 7, we have continuously used Microsoft products to meet the different needs of our family. We believe that Microsoft products are easy to use, easy to learn and easy to maintain. I can still remember how I played my favorite educational game when I was still 4 years old and how easily I learned to navigate Windows with a mouse to open my favorite game. My tech-savvy and geek mother who studied and coded stuff used Microsoft C Compiler that runs on Microsoft DOS way back in 1980.

(Left: The original 1995 CD case of my favorite educational game running on Microsoft.)

(Right: The original Microsoft C Compiler of my mother way back 1980.)

Busy is one word that best describes my family. We are actively doing stuff for school, work, church, organizations and other matters. As we cherish life together as a family, Microsoft simply surprises us with technologies that easily and efficiently manage documents, presentations, reports and connections with other people. Microsoft Office is our best friend. Without the sophisticated technologies it provides, we will not have awesome and instant solutions to our needs and be who we are right now.

(The family the uses Microsoft Windows together stays together…:D)

(Our laptops and netbook running Windows 7 and Windows XP)

As a Filipino family known for close family ties, communication is very important to us. We regularly keep in touch with my sister who is currently working abroad using our laptops and desktop PC that are all running with Microsoft Windows. With the flexibility of Microsoft Windows 7, we easily installed and used our webcam with no hardware issues. My fifty-six years old father is not tech-savvy and geeky like my mother, but with the help and the ease of using Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010, he enjoys using the computer in creating his reports and in communicating with my sister.

(Left: First dinner without my sister but joined us in a voice chat)

(Right: Celebrating my birthday with my sister in a video call conference)

This is how we cherish life with Microsoft and I want you to experience the amazing things we had with Microsoft by obtaining your own PC (Personal Computer).