Delicious Taste Central Experience

My first online shopping experience (way back 2010) was to buy my sister a bag in an online shopping website. It took several weeks before the merchandise to be delivered. Shockingly, the packaging of the item was not that good and the quality is not promising. Since then, I was hesitant to do online shopping and was very careful to buy to any online store.

Recently, a manila based startup called Taste Central soft launched its online shopping platform. Since I’m into startups, I decided to try Taste Central’s shopping experience.

One word to describe the experience: Delicious! 🙂

What I really love about their platform is how positively the copy was written.

Taste Central

Their online platform looks and feels clean compared to other online shopping website.

Taste Central

They are also selling a lot of high-grade and rare merchandise.

Taste Central

So I asked my parents what item(s) they would like to buy in Taste Central. They decided to go for a Dinnerware. So the process is pretty similar with other online shopping website. Add the item to the cart and checkout. It took me less than 20 minutes for my order and received an order acknowledgement email.

Taste Central

Hmm pretty simple right? Most surprisingly the item was delivered less than 24HRS! Wow! That was fast! 🙂 What I really love is the way the merchandise was packaged for delivery. The merchandise was secured with bubble wrap and their packaging was beautifully branded by Taste Central. Enclosed is the summary of my order and a warm letter of greetings from Taste Central. The quality of the merchandise is superb and really sulit! 🙂

Taste Central

So give Taste Central a try and I personally recommend their service to you. Hoping that more and more startups like Taste Central would rise up that gives high quality service to people. Cheers Taste Central!

3 Philippine Startup Products That You Must Know And Use


1. @tweetitow

” Globe/TM, Smart/TnT, & Sun Subscribers, updating twitter is a text & MMS (Pictures) away!”

@tweetitow is a Twitter Client that helps you send and receive tweets via SMS. It has an integrated longer tweet system that let’s you tweet more than 160 characters. Right now, they are in the beta phase of MMS integration that helps you send pictures via MMS and post it to your twitter. It only cost you P1/tweet and definitely unlimited tweets if your under any unlimited text services.

2. PicLyf


A picture blogging network that lets you tell stories thru your pictures. The free website can be used to post pictures across your social networks and blogs. Or you can start a photo blog about your life or any passion you have.

PicLyf is the only website that is fully focused and optimized for having a social experience around pictures. Everything from the delightful user interface to the features revolves around pictures. Try it and help build a community of picture lovers at

3. NowShowing

Discover new movies, grab the perfect schedule, and stay updated with upcoming titles. All personalized.

NowShowing is a web application coming out of Proudcloud’s Days of Thunder initiative. It provides a clear and richer approach to searching for movie schedules and discovering coming films.

NowShowing definitely helps you with you movie craving and schedule your date and barkada gigs on the right time.