Awesome Big N’ Tasty Experience

Wow. Awesome Lunch! First I want to thank McDo, EON, and Nuffnang for making this possible. It was a  great privilege for this blog to be invited for the new McDo Big N’ Tasty product launching for bloggers. Again I met new friends and was surprised that Jinkee Umali, the famous blogger of, was also there in the event. We talked a lot about blogging and she happily told me the story and motivation about her blog. I also shared how my blog started, what I blog about and awesome story of this blog (Thanks Dota Players! 😉 ).

Registration started at exactly 10:30AM and I was amazed of the BIG I.D that was given to me and the BIG freebies in the table. By the way, this McDo branch is located at Makati Cinema Square. (Thanks Sir Joell!) 🙂

Adi Timbol, PR and Communications Manager of McDonald’s, was the energetic host of the event. She started with the game “Bring Me” and luckily I won some coupons for being the blogger with the largest hand. McDo also served us their famous Ice Coffee drink.

Christina Lao, Marketing Manager of McDonald’s, introduced the new McDonald’s Big N’ Tasty. They surprised us with the parade of their cute mascots. Ms. Lao told us interesting facts about the burger. You must really try and taste this burger because of the very high grade tomatoes and the secret delicious Big N’ Tasty sauce.

If you are wondering about the nutritional sides about it, the Big N’ Tasty patties are grilled and not fried in oil. So there are less oil and fats on it. Hopefully I can get a more detailed nutritional facts of it.

Thank you McDo and to my readers, go and try Big N’ Tasty! Enjoy! 🙂

(Thanks to EON for some of the Pictures).

Why Girls and Boys should buy at Kitzshop

Kitzshop is a fast growing online jewelry store in the Philippines and served hundreds of customers mostly women. I know its a little bit awkward that I promote this kind of stuff on my blog but the founders of this online store  are my colleagues at STAY (Souther Tagalog Alliance Youth). Anyway, there a lot of different jewelries that you could buy and according to my friends who are girls, these are awesome jewelries you shouldn’t miss. Boys who wants to give something for their girls must also check this shop. The prices of their products are very affordable for young teens and adults. I assure you good quality products and hassle-free transaction with Kitzshop. For more information you could visit their Facebook Fan Page – Kitzshop ! Enjoy and happy shopping girls and boys! 🙂