Listerine Natural Green Tea Press Launch

April is a very busy and interesting month for me. As a fresh graduate, I have more time to attend different activities and events that are awesome and personal. Recently, I attended the LISTERINE product launching held at Dusit Thani Hotel at the back of SM Makati. My mother grab the opportunity to buy her clothes at SM so she come along with me. We arrive around 1PM in the afternoon and ate at Tokyo-Tokyo. I waited for her for 2 hrs and just stayed at Brownies Unlimited Cafe. I’m really sleepy that moment so I just want a cup of Coffee and relax in a bit and decided to sit down and wait for her.

The product launching was held at Umu Restaurant inside Dusit Thani Hotel. There a lot of bloggers and media people inside the restaurant and the ambiance was very intimate. The senior brand manager of Listerine Philippines, Ms. Karen Co and Ms. Nikka Arcilla the assistant brand manager gave us a lot of interesting facts and talks about oral health care. What I really enjoy is the food served at Umu restaurant and the interesting talk I had with two fashion bloggers Raiza and Arnie and the Editor in Chief of Celebrity Living Magazine Ms. Carla Cassanova – Perlas. We talked a lot about fashion, online blogging and print media.

(Credits to Raiza and Arnie for the pictures)

Thanks Listerine and Nuffnang for making this possible. šŸ™‚

Fight Tooth Decay with the Natural Power of New LISTERINEĀ® Natural Green Tea

Tooth decay is among the top oral problems afflicting Filipinos. Specifically, 92.4%[1] of the Philippine population has experienced that paralyzing tooth ache. Causes of tooth decay vary from case to case, but the root cause can be traced to the accumulation of germs in your mouth that brushing teeth alone may leave behind. To thoroughly remove these germs and prevent tooth decay, dentists recommend following a complete oral care routine, which includes brushing, flossing, and rinsing with a mouthwash.

LISTERINEĀ®, the worldwide leader in mouthwash, proudly presents its latest innovation ā€“ New LISTERINEĀ® Natural Green Tea, the first and only mouthwash from LISTERINEĀ® that contains natural green tea extract and two times more fluoride[2], for a natural way to fight tooth decay.

Fluoride and green tea are the two key ingredients to this innovation, both of which help to fight tooth decay. Dentists regularly recommend fluoride to fight tooth decay, due to its proven ability to strengthen enamel. Green tea may have established its popularity on the grounds of bodily health, but LISTERINEĀ® recently discovered that green tea can also help fight tooth decay by killing bacteria and strengthening the teeth.

With these two naturally-inspired ingredients and the long-established efficacy of LISTERINEĀ®, the new LISTERINEĀ® Natural Green Tea works in two ways to fight tooth decay. First, it effectively kills 99.9% of the germs that cause tooth decay. Second, it helps shield teeth to prevent the onset of new tooth decay.

Although 95 million Filipinos may currently be suffering from tooth decay, fighting it can now be as simple as a twice-a-day 30-second mouth rinse. With the new LISTERINEĀ® Natural Green Tea, Filipinos can start fighting tooth decay the natural way.

The new LISTERINEĀ® Natural Green Tea is now available in leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores for Php70.25 (80ml) and Php166.50 (250ml).

[1] What are the latest dental problems statistics of the Philippines? Department of Health. Accessed February 28, 2012.

[2] Versus other fluoride-containing LISTERINEĀ® variants