Crazy for Asprey

Watches have always been a necessity to each and every person’s life. It keeps us updated with the time, helps us manage our schedules and reminds us of deadlines or birthdays or anything of the sort.

But a watch isn’t just some boring old thing that has numbers and two arms that move around a circle. It isn’t just a piece of metal and leather that you strap onto your wrist. It is an accessory, a key to a person’s mood and personality.

Let’s say you have a favorite piece of watch that you wear everyday. Let’s say this watch does not match your mood nor your outfit. You would probably begrudgingly leave it at home and rely on your cellphone for time.

But thanks to Asprey, you can wear your favorite piece anytime and pair it with your outfit for the day!

They offer a wide plethora of products, ranging from rubber to leather straps. What’s great about these is their products come in different colors!

So if you’re feeling a little risky…

These neon colored straps are a perfect way to spice up an outfit! They are an absolute eye-candy to any onlooker.

And since we’re on the subject of color…

These two-three toned color combination straps have a nautical feel to it, giving out a relaxed yet playful twist to the wearer.

And if you’re playing it low-key…

These sophisticated Nato Leather Straps are for you! They are a subtle addition to your outfit of choice.

These babies can be found in LTimestudio stores and major shopping malls around the metro. So what are you waiting for? Give your watch a whole new make-over with Asprey Straps!

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One Plus One Equals Bintana


Exactly 16 hrs from now, I’ll be wearing my new pants, black shoes and long sleeves that we bought last Friday. I’ll put on my graduation gown, hood and cap. After all the busy days, weeks, months and years of my academic life, I finally made it. We finally made it. Academic life is not a single person journey. It’s not only you. The moment our parents enrolled us in nursery, kinder or toddler schools, hopes and dreams are in their hearts. Along the way as we learn how to add 1 + 1 = (bintana/window) and compute complex calculus problems (even I didn’t have any calculus subject during college), our parents are there pushing us as we climb the highest treasure in our lives. Graduation. Our parents are really really really proud of us (I love you Papa and Mama). Be proud and give your greatest smile in your life! Congrats! 🙂