iZone-iHUB, Whats going to happen for 2013?

iZone-iHUB is a place where techies from all regions of Metro Manila can gather and converge. Collaboration is the key for innovation as what has been proven through these years of example coming from men like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, all this great minds was not able to come up with Apple, Microsoft and Facebook with just their ideas. They are backed up by other individuals who work in the shadow or share the same limelight they have gained through this innovative concepts and ideas.

Philippines is in a fast track on competing with countries like America or Japan and iZone-iHUB is already spearheading this direction for techies to take advantage of. What this place offer is opportunity without any expense. Free access to the fully airconditioned work space, Free coffee and fresh cold water plus safety and security, and the best part about this is the free access to high speed internet were you will not get easily from other sites which offer work space.

iZone-iHUB also has a contest in store for you, be part of this and win as much as 50 thousand pesos worth of prizes for the winning entry. Mechanics can be checked by accessing the website and checking out the page on how to participate. (http://ihub.izonetech-ph.com)

Also a lot more things in store for the technology community is the grand launch this coming January 2013 and the most awaited techno-summit which will be scheduled on February 2013. More prizes are up for grabs on the said event and best part about this is all this for free!

So why wait? Grab this once in a life time opportunity and be part of the growing network of iZone-iHUB, experience what is like to collaborate and converge with fellow techies on site and win prizes by submitting your ideas or projects!

For more details about iZone-iHUB, you can check our website at http://ihub.izonetech-ph.com and you can visit our Facebook site at www.facebook.com/iZone.iHUB.Philippines for updates and to know what’s hot in iZone-iHUB.

Competitive Online Shopping by Happy2Bid.com

Penny auction site, Happy2Bid.com, brings a one of a kind auction experience for the Filipino online market. Happy2Bid features a variety of auctions such as brand new, high-end gadgets; gift certificates from leading food chains, fashionable stores and other top of the line merchandise. Previous winners already took home an Apple iPhone 4s for only Php16.61, an Acer Aspire Notebook for only Php24.16, and even a Samsung Galaxy Note for only Php35.56!

How does it work?

Before bidding, you will be required to create an account. Upon successful registration, bidder will immediately receive 8 FREE bids that can be used to join ongoing auctions. Bid Loads can also be purchased in different denominations for as low as Php200. Choose from the wide range of items up for auction daily. There are different auction features to add more fun to the bidding process as well as win limits to give everyone a fair chance in winning.

Happy2Bid.com is also the first of its kind to offer The Happy Bid Assistant. The Happy Bid assistant is a tool you can use to help you win. It’s just like having someone to watch over your auctions when you can’t be there, so you can always be sure you have the winning bid. All you need to do is specify the maximum number of bids you are willing to place.

New members are recommended to browse through the website and observe ongoing auctions. Many bidders immediately jump into joining the auctions without reading through the guidelines which often leads to premature bidding and wasted bid loads. “Patience and preparation are key to my winnings. Thanks Happy2bid for giving us the joy of winning!” says joyjove, a Happy2Bid.com winner. Winning in auctions requires a combination of luck and strategy so it is best to prepare before bidding on your chosen auction.

Happy2Bid.com is determined to offer a fresh take on online shopping by adding a competitive edge. Winning can be very addicting at Happy2Bid.com. Register today for free to experience the Happy Bidding difference!

LINK:  http://www.Happy2Bid.com