Web technologies used in our thesis

Hi Guys! 🙂 Just want to share the technologies we used to build our thesis: UKnight: A Social Learning Management System. We love the web so much and the awesome technologies that can be used to build things beyond your imagination.

Our thesis is generally built using:

  1. PHP
  2. MySQL
  3. Javascript / jQuery / AJAX / JSON
  4. HTML5
  5. CSS3

We explored a lot in making the application fast and deployed in:

  1. Media Temple
  2. Amazon Web Service (EC2 Cloud) Free Tier

These are products of sleepless night of research and testing of different libraries out there in the web. Do not limit yourselves on these. Go to your favorite search engine and do find what is best for your thesis.

  1. Rochak Zip – Create Zip Files using PHP
  2. xhttp – A very good library for interacting with APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Globe Labs SMS, Crocodoc Etc.)
  3. Datatables – Table plugin for jQuery
  4. FullCalendar – Calendar plugin for jQuery
  5. PLupload – For uploading files using different technologies
  6. tcpdf – For creating PDF files using PHP! This can be used for creating reports
  7. class.upload.php – For uploading files and images with resizing, cropping and other image manipulation capabilities
  8. Twitter Bootstrap – A lot of ready made User Interface for you.
  9. Bootbox – A great partner with Twitter Bootstrap.
  10. underscore.js – We have a lot of AJAX and JSON implementation and used underscore.js for templating.
  11. Database Class
  12. URL Routing

Tips: Do mockup designs for your UI (User Interface). Literally draw it in a piece of paper or notebook and discuss as a group. In our case, we revised our UI design four times before we came up with our final user interface design. Also greatly consider UX (User Experience) for your thesis.When we are building our thesis, we didn’t consider using frameworks and built everything from scratch. If you have time to study PHP frameworks like (CodeIgniter) and implement it your thesis that would be awesome!

P.S: I dedicate this post to my thesismates (Ana and Kim):